29 October 2012

Glorious food at Pimlico Farmers' Market

Wonderful cauliflowers
Coloured Swiss Chard
After visiting Bloomsbury Farmers' Market next Saturday we went to Pimlico Market ,you can find all informations here . It isn't a big one but it is great : you can find anything you need ,from fruits and vegetables to really fresh fish ,poultry ,eggs ,cheese , bread, flowers . Some people says that markets are expensive : yes , it seems so . But you don't need to buy enormous quantities of food :just buy what you need and when you have best quality you'll need less . As the food is so fresh it will last longer , so if you planify your weekly menus maybe you'll spare some money at the end.Surely you'll feel better. When we go shopping in a supermarket we normally buy much more than what we may need , and a lot of "trash food" sometimes .Last but not least : buying directly from producers is a " political" act , doing so we'll help all these people who works very hard for a sustainable agricolture .I won't talk further about quality : photos I shot are much worthier than words.
Fresh mushrooms


Smoked poultry



16 October 2012

London Farmers' Markets: Bloomsbury

Wondering where to find good, fresh, organic food in London? No more.....get a look on this : London Farmers' Markets . You'll find a complete list of all the markets in town . I visited two: the first one I went  was in Bloomsbury.It's near the University of London and as there are so many students coming out for lunch is a market mostly based on street food ,though you can choose some  amazing vegetables coming from Wild Country Organics  , meats and poultry ,eggs. I bought some pigeon's breats that I cooked just few minutes with olive oil and a nut of butter , they were so tender and juicy .


The small white breads you see in the middle are "English Muffins" . I love them !
Students are coming for lunch

Hamburghers on the grill ,then there are different sauces on a small table and you cans dress it as you like.



11 October 2012

Food Blogger Connect : a great meeting in London

At last I'm back ,sipping a cup of smoked tea while the Guinness Cake is cooling on the rack and Fall is advancing here in Provence . I was  ten days in London , three of which for the Food Blogger Connect , the annual meeting for food-bloggers in Europe ( but with people coming from all-over the world) .
It was my first time at the FBC and I must say it is very very well organised : all the time you had some interesting lesson to attend or workshops , all the day long you had a cup of coffee or tea and amazing food for breakfast , lunch , afternoon tea and supper . I attended two workshops : the first was held by Dianne Jacobs , a fantastic food-writer  and a wonderful ,caring person also . The  second ,about  food photograpy, was with Ellen Silverman who had the patience to have a look at all of our blogs to give us her advice and suggestions ( for me was : keep it simple and use something to filter the light ).
I met people....that's the purpose . I can't remenber all ,but I finally met Sandra , which I knew only by the net , it was magical to see her even if only for a short time . And Giulia , Regula,Rossella,Rossella ( yes I know, same name but two different persons , I love them ) Carla,Sally,Sarka , Marika, and Bethany who's the mind behind all this .

Why did I go there ? Why did I began to write this blog ? I suppose that's all about finding my voice .
Something has been lost along the way . Life hasn't been much kind . But today I can write a new chapter . So long . Have a good night ,you all . And a better day .