16 February 2014

Uzes and a scallop's salad

Well, Uzès isn’t in Provence but it seems much alike: sunny, warm, with that sense of laziness that belongs to South. We went to see some friends for the week-end  so I could have a look at the market ( I can’t do without ….) 

Do you see that strange vegetable named christophines? It’s an ancient one, it travelled to Algeria from France and then it’s coming back. The vendor explained that it’s not much tasty “fade” as we say in France and gave me a recipe to cook it that I did not retained as it was the classic French way with lots of cream, butter and all the stuff. I found it not really interesting even if sometimes I like to cook in the classic French way.
After the market tour we were effectively hungry, so we found a place that seemed really good and in fact it was. The sun was really warm that day, even if at the end of January, but they added also some special lams to warm-up more so we could have lunch outside. That’s something I really appreciate of living here: we can eat outside the most of the year. That restaurant serves mainly main dishes, or tapas. We had a choice of various ones, that in the photo is foie-gras but  the salad with scallops and citrus was the best, so once we came home I tried to make it,  with some variations of mine. I guess that a big portion of this can make a meal, and a good one.

Before the recipe I’d like to show you some shots I picked in the afternoon, when we went for a little walk in the countryside. 

 Some roses in the garden….quite out of season but this year we are having a very mild winter, and a cock that’s completely blind: he lives with the family and stays in the house a big part of the day. Otherwise he has to be kept in a cage as there’s another cock in the garden and…you know…2 cocks don’t match together! 

And now the recipe: this is really a gorgeous salad, I had a chance to find many different Citrus at the organic shop but you can change them with whatever you find. The one we ate at the restaurant had grapefruit, lemon and oranges: I found tangerines,kumquats, which I adore and a bergamot.


100 gr of soncino salad (otherwise called mache) or rocket
Fennel and rocket sprouts
1 orange
1 lemon
2 tangerines
2 kumquats
1 bergamot
1 avocado
4 scallops
Fresh ginger
2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
a pinch of good salt ( Maldon or fleur de sel)
a pinch of Sichuan pepper

Put the scallops in the freezer so as to have them firmer.
Wash he salad and set apart. Peel the tangerines (or the grapefruit) and cut them in slices, cut  the kumquats too. Divide the avocado in two, remove the core and with the help of a spoon separate the pulp from the peel, overspread with lemon juice ( half of a lemon) and set apart.
Now you can start with the vinaigrette: squeeze the orange and the bergamot ( or  half lemon ) pour into a bowl, add a pinch of salt, a pinch of Sichuan pepper grounded, a teaspoon of fresh ginger grated, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, whisk together. Cut the avocado in slices, so do with scallops. Dress the plate with scallops and avocado, generously scatter with vinaigrette, add the salad, the sprouts and the tangerine’s slices. Pour on the top the remaining vinaigrette and serve. This salad is filled with vitamins, minerals and proteins and its colours bring a ray of light on your winter table, so enjoy: it's healthy and delicious!


  1. Beautiful places and very good receipe :) Mi sono permessa di annotare questo post nel mio "meglio della settimana".

  2. Beautiful pics and recipes, thank you - I heard about your food blog on "Küchenfunk"

    1. Thank you Claudia, it was fun to make the interview with Chris!


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