16 June 2012

A day in Provence : cooking class in Gordes

I work as personal chef in the Luberon and there's a house where I'm oftenly called . It's name is Fontblanche , just near the village of Gordes Last week I went there for a cooking class and even more : I organized a full day experience in Provence beginning with a café & croissant at the Café de la Poste in Goult the village where I live.

We met at 8:30 am and took the time for coffee.....then we left towards Isle sur la Sorgue
for shopping at the market ( on thurdays the market is smaller than on sundays when you  have also antiques but easier if you want to buy food )

We had not a fixed menu : everybody said that we'll improvise with what we'll find on the market ,so we bought :Zucchini ,salads, radishes,beans, potatoes,garlic, onions, fish,cheese,rhubarb and strawberries.

 Shooting at the market is not so easy : Veronique didn't want ,then I talked with her  and she explained me that so much people just takes pics and go , without buying nor caring of what she does . And she does magnificent pulp of fruits slowly cooked with raw cane sugar and much love .Then she  agreed to be photographed....if you go to the market look for her and try her products : they are absolutely marvellous . I bought some caramel au beurre salé that I used to make the icing for a chocolate cake .
Walking in Isle sur la sorgue

It was funny to see how they propose a typical venitian aperitif ! ( I come from Venice)

Then we went to the restaurant : I choose "Le vieux bistrot"  in Cabriéres d'Avignon , a charming village on the road to home . The owner , Vincent , is very agreeable and the rapport quality-price one of the best of Luberon . We had lunch under the pergola ,the light was amazing !

They brought us some delicatessen while waiting for the main course.

The presentation doesn't need to be commented , the flan of carrotes was very very good  (normally I don't eat flans as they have not much  taste and mostly too salted )

And then came dessert , a Café gourmand composed of various types but I succeed to shot only one ; they've been eaten in one bite . 

Happy moments.....

We left the reasturant at 3pm then I came home to prepare everything I needed for the cooking-class .We started at 5pm , the menu was :
Entrée : La tourte de courgettes ( an ancient recipe of Nice) and a green salad with radishes and fresh garlic
Plat : Poisson à la marseillase ( another typical recipe not very well known ) and a green beans , white beans and small potatoes salad
Dessert : Rhubarb and Strawberries crumble

Making the tourte

We cooked all together like a family , it was so funny!

 And finally everything was ready for dinner .

The night was sweet and warm....we had a wonderful dinner.


  1. Tu hai avuto una cena meravigliosa, io sto guardando delle immagini incantevoli...grazie per aver condiviso così tanta bellezza!! :-)

  2. Wow Giuseppina!! che meraviglia. Giornata incantevole, luoghi incantevoli, tu sei speciale e io AMO Gordes, Isle Sur la Sorgue (ci siamo anche fermati li per rinfrescarci lo scorso anno!!)
    un abbraccio


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