28 June 2012

Le scaloppine d'agnello per l'MTC

Le scaloppine.....un piatto che ho fatto raramente e senza troppo pensare alla ricetta ,il che vuol dire :fatte un po a caso . La spiegazione dettagliata di Elisa mi ha aperto un mondo : W le scaloppine !
Visto che abito in Provenza che altro potevo fare se non delle scaloppine d'agnello ? Ecco allora una versione decisamente mediterranea con tutti i profumi del Sud .

Profumate con i fiori di finocchio selvatico e l'aglio fresco , il fondo di cucina ricavato dai minuscoli ossicini tondi ( le scaloppine sono ricavate dalla coscia ) cotti in un brodo assieme alle verdure classiche e servite con delle patate al forno per le quali ho "creato" una ricetta speciale sulla base del gratin dauphinois e che si sono rivelate assolutamente deliziose .

Ingredienti per 4 persone

4 fette d'agnello ricavate dalla coscia ( fatele tagliare dello spessore adatto alla scaloppina come indicato qui  )
2 cucchiai d'olio evo
2 spicchi d'aglio possibilmente fresco
2/3  fiori di finocchio selvatico ( in mancanza usate i semi )
1 carota
1/2 gambo si sedano
Sale comune per il brodo
Fior di sale per le scaloppine
Pepe nero ( io ho usato il Voatsiperifery )
1/2  bicchiere di pastis
Farina di riso e ceci in parti uguali per infarinare la scaloppina

Le patate al forno stile Gratin Dauphinois

800 gr di patatine novelle
1 litro di latte
2 spicchi d'aglio
Noce moscata grattugiata 1/2 cucchiaino
pepe bianco macinato fresco ( per gli appassionati : un muntock ,con le sue note ' animali' e calde )
1 cucchiaio d'olio evo
2 rametti di rosmarino

Lavate le patatine ,tagliatele in due e mettetele in una pentola .Aggiungete l'aglio,un cucchiaino di sale grosso,la noce moscata  e il latte . Portate a bollore e lasciate cuocere 5 minuti .Togliete le patate dal liquido ,mettetele in una pirofila , aggiungete una bella macinata di pepe ,il rosmarino e l'olio , verificate il sale e mescolate . Passate in forno ventilato a 200° per circa 20 mn ,finché le patate son ben dorate .

Togliete l'osso dalle scaloppine ( é piccolo e non lascia un grande buco ) quindi battetele con il batticarne ( in mancanza il pugno andrà benissimo) .
Versate 750 ml d'acqua in un pentolino , aggiungete gli ossicini d'agnello l'aglio la carota  il sedano e i fiori di finocchio selvatico ( io ne avevo di secchi dall'anno scorso ,buonissimi ) e 1/2 cucchiaino da caffé di sale . Fate bollire per circa mezz'ora scoperto ,in modo da ridurre il brodo .
Infarinate le scaloppine con una miscela in parti uguali di farina di riso e ceci ( per una nota mediterranea ) e fatele dorare su entrambi i lati nella padella con i due cucchiai d'olio evo ,basteranno 2/3 minuti . A questo punto toglietele , riservandole in un piatto . Sfumate il grasso con il pastis grattando bene le parti solide che si saran formate , quindi  versate  due/tre mestoli di brodo  e fate ridurre per addensare la salsa . La salsa pronta rimettete le scaloppine in padella giusto il tempo di scaldarle, spargetevi sopra qualche granello di fior di sale e il pepe macinato fresco ( nelle buone drogherie dovreste trovarlo) e servite irrorandole di salsa e accompagnandole con le patatine arrosto .

Con questa ricetta partecipo all'MTC di Giugno

MTC di Giugno 2012: gli sfidanti!

21 June 2012

Pie Party 2012 : Rhubarb & Cherries Pie

Yesterday I was surfing on internet and I went to see Eat the Love ,a blog that I love . Irvin is so much fun and a talented baker. Today ( in USA , in Europe we are in the next one ) is Pie Day , an event on the net : everyone is invited to bake a cake and share it on the web . I made this

A very simple Rhubarb & Cherries ( yes I know , a little bit addicted like here ) . I made a classic crust but I substituted a small amount of wheat flour with some quinoa flour , I like its hearthy taste and it has given an unespected crunchy-smoothness to the crust .

Rhubarb & Cherries Pie

For the crust :
200 gr of all-purpose wheat flour
50 gr of quinoa flour
125 gr of butter
a pinch of salt
60 gr of icing sugar
1 egg
a pinch of vanilla seeds
half an eggshell of water

Sift the flours in a bowl , add the butter cut in small pieces and flatten with your fingertips till it comes like sand ( work quickly or the butter will ' burn' ) then add the sugar , the salt and the vanilla ,mix with a fork .Make a hole at the center , break the egg in , add a small quantity of water like half a eggshell and toss with the fork until it comes to a dough . If it's too dry sprinkle with some water , then make a ball , wrap it in a film and let cool in the fridge one hour or overnight .

The filling
400 gr of rhubarb
400 gr of cherries
50 gr of brown sugar
half a csp of pepper ( I choose Voatsiperifery , a wild pepper from Madagascar for its very peculiar smell, if you can't find you can try Long pepper  )
6/7 biscuits

 Wash the rhubarb and cut it into slices , wash the cherries and take off the stems and the kernel ,mix the rhubarb , the cherries and the sugar , put in a saucepan and cook till the rhubarb comes soft.
Mash the biscuits.
Preheat the oven at 350 F or 180°.
Divide the dough in two pieces ,one must be the double of the other like 2/3. Roll the bigger one on a dusty surface , line it in a tart pan of 24 cm , sprinkle the bottom with the mashed biscuits ( it avoids the dough getting  moisty) fill with the rhubarb-cherries mixture , spread the freshly grounded pepper all over , then roll the smaller piece of dough and cover the pie with it .Seal well the borders and let cook about 35 minutes , or till golden .Let cool before serving

16 June 2012

A day in Provence : cooking class in Gordes

I work as personal chef in the Luberon and there's a house where I'm oftenly called . It's name is Fontblanche , just near the village of Gordes Last week I went there for a cooking class and even more : I organized a full day experience in Provence beginning with a café & croissant at the Café de la Poste in Goult the village where I live.

We met at 8:30 am and took the time for coffee.....then we left towards Isle sur la Sorgue
for shopping at the market ( on thurdays the market is smaller than on sundays when you  have also antiques but easier if you want to buy food )

We had not a fixed menu : everybody said that we'll improvise with what we'll find on the market ,so we bought :Zucchini ,salads, radishes,beans, potatoes,garlic, onions, fish,cheese,rhubarb and strawberries.

 Shooting at the market is not so easy : Veronique didn't want ,then I talked with her  and she explained me that so much people just takes pics and go , without buying nor caring of what she does . And she does magnificent pulp of fruits slowly cooked with raw cane sugar and much love .Then she  agreed to be photographed....if you go to the market look for her and try her products : they are absolutely marvellous . I bought some caramel au beurre salé that I used to make the icing for a chocolate cake .
Walking in Isle sur la sorgue

It was funny to see how they propose a typical venitian aperitif ! ( I come from Venice)

Then we went to the restaurant : I choose "Le vieux bistrot"  in Cabriéres d'Avignon , a charming village on the road to home . The owner , Vincent , is very agreeable and the rapport quality-price one of the best of Luberon . We had lunch under the pergola ,the light was amazing !

They brought us some delicatessen while waiting for the main course.

The presentation doesn't need to be commented , the flan of carrotes was very very good  (normally I don't eat flans as they have not much  taste and mostly too salted )

And then came dessert , a Café gourmand composed of various types but I succeed to shot only one ; they've been eaten in one bite . 

Happy moments.....

We left the reasturant at 3pm then I came home to prepare everything I needed for the cooking-class .We started at 5pm , the menu was :
Entrée : La tourte de courgettes ( an ancient recipe of Nice) and a green salad with radishes and fresh garlic
Plat : Poisson à la marseillase ( another typical recipe not very well known ) and a green beans , white beans and small potatoes salad
Dessert : Rhubarb and Strawberries crumble

Making the tourte

We cooked all together like a family , it was so funny!

 And finally everything was ready for dinner .

The night was sweet and warm....we had a wonderful dinner.

15 June 2012

June in Provence

I love June  : summer's coming , cherry trees charged with  rich and juicy fruits  , the first shiny lavender flowers and the last poppies dance together in wind.....
That's what you will see if you're coming on holidays in this period of the  year .Sweet life in Provence .

A simple lunch under the pergola

14 June 2012

Weekend in Camargue part two

The day after the party here we took a day of relax . As we love so much fish and the seaside we decided to have lunch in "Le Grau du Roi" , a village on the coast and then to make a "siesta" at the beach . 

The restaurant were we had lunch is called "Le Palangre" see their site here
We had a tour of the port were the most of restaurants are and then decided to have lunch here
and I must say that everything was delicious with very fresh fish and lots of tasty vegetables .Before leaving I asked to enter into the kitchen to make  my compliments to the chef and then I realised why everything was so good : he was skinny annd with an healthy look   ! I commanded a traditional recipe of Camargue  "Brasucade de moules " here the recipe in french : it's very easy to do and nice to share with friends on summertime .

Brasucade of mussels

For 4 servings
2,5 kg of mussels
25 cl of extra-virgin olive oil (possibly of Provence )
Thyme , rosemary and laurel 
1 clove of garlic crashed
freshly grounded black pepper
1 teaspoon of Pastis
Arrange all the ingredients for thee marinade in a jar , close and let stand  for one day at least ( better few days )
Wash the mussels , put them in a big Paella plate and on the fire ( you'll need a big fire , better on wood like in the video here ) throw the water that mussel will eject , then add thhe marinade and let cook about 5 minutes . To eat immediately with friends  while tasting a chilly Rosé !
My neighbor's plate!
Dory's stuffed  rolls & vegetables

Tartare of shrimps and fruits , a nestful of flavors

Restaurant Le Palangre
56,Quai Général de Gaulle
30240 Le Grau du Roi
Phone 0033 (0)4 66 51 76 30

9 June 2012

Weekend in Camargue and a fiesta

Last Sunday we were invited to a birthday party in Aigues Mortes (here) and as parties in Camargue are " very serious" we programmed to stay 2 days , that became eventually 3. We arrived at noon and met some friends in the centre of the town .They were drinking some chilly  rosé as everybody does here. Taking the time .....

We like so much Aigues Mortes because it's open-spirit and full of funny and original people . And women are charming , very feminine .

Claudia and her hands & feet , love them !!

Then we went to a home in the countryside nearby , were the party was.

An enormous pan full of extraordinary mussels , two rams on the barbeque , roasted potatoes , accras , and goat's cheese.
I brought some Prosecco and Aperol and made a venitian "Spritz" .
It was really a big party that lasted till morning ( but we went to bed before midnight , like Cinderella )

To continue.......