The Cookery School Programs & Rates

The kitchen at the school: very Provençal.

Why an Italian Cookery School in Provence? Because I'm Italian ,of course. Because our culinary culture is so wide and extraordinary that I could say we don't need anything else. But there's another reason : I'm very passionate about ancient recipes so it was by studying them that I found deep links between Italian and Provençal Cooking. So profound that some recipes are similar, though in Italy we probably have a more refined art to get amazing food with very simple ingredients.
I developed a way of cooking that has its roots in history while it's quite contemporary and healthy.
You won't learn recipes. You'll learn how to make hand-made pasta, pizza and  bread  with no need of complicated machines. You'll learn how to cook a risotto like a Venetian. We'll forage in the nature of Luberon and prepare surprising recipes from the wild, and go to visit some young producers: people who work hard to preserve and keep  alive this beautiful land. You'll go back home with acquired skills and a new vision on food

Venise en Provence cookery school is located on the hilltop of the beautiful village of Goult, in a charming mas surrounded by a genuine provençal garden with olive trees and astonishing views. The cost of classes includes: food, wines for the meal that I’ll choose according with the recipes, an aperitif and obviously a long lazy lunch. You don’t need to bring anything with you as at the School there are all the materials and aprons. After the class we’ll enjoy what we prepared at a beautiful table in the garden under the olive trees or in the large dining room if the weather is not fine, eating, drinking local wines, sharing thoughts, making friends and laughing a lot.

I hold classes for small groups, generally 6/8 people though sometimes can be till 10.

Classes with market tour on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays

Cooking class with market tour —8:30am – 4/5 pm

190 euros x person

Cooking class only —10am –3pm or 4pm – 10:00pm

170 euros x person

Non-participants can join the group for the meal at the cost of 60 euros wine included.

Classes are available all year round by reservation, nevertheless you can also join some scheduled class if there's still place. And if you just spending a few days in Luberon we  have rooms at our Bed&Breakfast. Check on the menu to see.
For all information you can email me at

We  put a great care in dressing the tables, it's not only a matter of eating, we want it to be beautiful.
Home-made bread and pasta, some cheese and mellons....what else?

A simple Lunch in October
Home-made tagliatelle and a Venetian aperitif

The garden on springtime

Our table under the olive trees


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