28 February 2012

How to cook the true "Pasta alla carbonara"

Pasta alla carbonara is a world-known italian dish but how many , even in Italy today , do know how  cook  to cook a true Pasta alla Carbonara ? Yesterday afternoon I had tea with a friend , and we were talking about cookbooks. She's a fan of Donna Hay , and I agree with her : Donna Hay's style is amazing and her recipes seems good . So we began to  look into her books on a website , and there I saw a recipe called ' Pasta alla carbonara'. I don't want to say anything about her recipe , we are all free to make one's own. Then I looked more on the web and I found this  video with a famous chef teaching a young one and I don't even want to comment : I'm Italian , I'm a chef , and I think that there are some great classics that we need to 'keep' and not vulgarize . Many people think that Carbonara is heavy : not at all , not more than any other dish of pasta , when it is correctly done .Now ....to make a good Carbonara you'll need spaghetti or rigatoni ( never , never tagliatelle ) eggs , guanciale  , , pecorino cheese , garlic ,olive oil and black pepper.That's all .It's a complete dish and very quick to make so  enjoy it !

 For 4 servings you'll need :

400 gr of spaghetti ( try to find a good quality ones )
150 gr of guanciale ( if you can't find it choose a very good quality bacon)
100 gr of pecorino cheese ( Pecorino Romano is the best for the recipe , if you don't find it you can use Parmigiano but the taste will not be the same )
1 tsp of extra-virgin olive oil + 2
Fresh grounded black pepper
3 egg's ( some says only yolks , but as it's a 'poor plate' I don't think they threw the whites , I tried the two and  I prefer with complete eggs )

First of all you have to chop the guanciale ( or bacon) like this

Then  put it in a large pan with 1 tbsp of olive oil, let cook very gently till the natural fat of guanciale has sorted out and the guanciale is crispy then discard the most of fat and add 2 tbsp of olive oil, set apart. Bring a large  pot to the boil with 4 liters of water ( you'll need 1 liter every 100 gr to cook pasta ) and 3 coffee spoon of salt . Normally is 1 csp X liter , but pecorino romano is very salted . Add the spaghetti and let cook "al dente" , in the meantime break the eggs into a salad bowl big enough to contain the pasta . Mix the eggs just a little bit , add 1/2 cup of the cooking  water ( the water in which you are cooking pasta )  and wisk just to mix together .By adding the water you won't need any cream ,that's the secret.
Grate the cheese and put it into the bowl with the eggs. When pasta is cooked  drain it and pour into the pan with the guanciale, toss well on a medium heat then add the pasta to the eggs and pecorino mixture, mix quickly and thouroughly, ground some black pepper over and eat immediately till warm.


  1. Congratulazioni!! Magari tu ancora non lo sai, ma hai vinto l'MT Challenge!! E io sono felicissima: facevo il tifo per te!! Grande!! Pero' mi raccomando: mettiti una mano sulla coscienza quando deciderai la prossima sfida...Compplimenti ancora. Ti abbraccio.

  2. Ciao! piacere di aver trovato il tuo bellissimo blog! la tua ricetta del paté mi ha colpito per il contrasto di colori.. e immagino anche di sapori eccezionali! congratulazioni! nella la carbonara, la mangio sempre molto volentieri!! a presto, Francy

    1. Grazie Francy ! Son passata da te , sei proprio simpatica e almeno capisci l'inglese ( io vorrei farlo solo in inglese il blog , ma tanti mi chiedono la traduzione )
      Un abbraccio

  3. Complimenti per la vittoria,mi unisco volentieri tra i tuoi lettori.

  4. Sapessi quanti italiani non sanno fare la vera carbonara! Proprio oggi ho letto di una carbonara con la pancetta e la panna...meglio non commentare!
    Complimenti per la vittoria su MTC! Sìì clemente con noi per la prossima sfida!
    Saluti da Treviso.

    1. Allora ho fatto bene a mettere la ricetta :)) Grazie per i complimenti e prometto...saro buonissima !
      Saluti dalla provenza


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