16 October 2012

London Farmers' Markets: Bloomsbury

Wondering where to find good, fresh, organic food in London? No more.....get a look on this : London Farmers' Markets . You'll find a complete list of all the markets in town . I visited two: the first one I went  was in Bloomsbury.It's near the University of London and as there are so many students coming out for lunch is a market mostly based on street food ,though you can choose some  amazing vegetables coming from Wild Country Organics  , meats and poultry ,eggs. I bought some pigeon's breats that I cooked just few minutes with olive oil and a nut of butter , they were so tender and juicy .


The small white breads you see in the middle are "English Muffins" . I love them !
Students are coming for lunch

Hamburghers on the grill ,then there are different sauces on a small table and you cans dress it as you like.




  1. Wow! That England has such good food - I didn't know that... London has a wonderful market! :-)

    1. Hi Chris , there are many markets indeed !!! It's amazing :)


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