14 June 2012

Weekend in Camargue part two

The day after the party here we took a day of relax . As we love so much fish and the seaside we decided to have lunch in "Le Grau du Roi" , a village on the coast and then to make a "siesta" at the beach . 

The restaurant were we had lunch is called "Le Palangre" see their site here
We had a tour of the port were the most of restaurants are and then decided to have lunch here
and I must say that everything was delicious with very fresh fish and lots of tasty vegetables .Before leaving I asked to enter into the kitchen to make  my compliments to the chef and then I realised why everything was so good : he was skinny annd with an healthy look   ! I commanded a traditional recipe of Camargue  "Brasucade de moules " here the recipe in french : it's very easy to do and nice to share with friends on summertime .

Brasucade of mussels

For 4 servings
2,5 kg of mussels
25 cl of extra-virgin olive oil (possibly of Provence )
Thyme , rosemary and laurel 
1 clove of garlic crashed
freshly grounded black pepper
1 teaspoon of Pastis
Arrange all the ingredients for thee marinade in a jar , close and let stand  for one day at least ( better few days )
Wash the mussels , put them in a big Paella plate and on the fire ( you'll need a big fire , better on wood like in the video here ) throw the water that mussel will eject , then add thhe marinade and let cook about 5 minutes . To eat immediately with friends  while tasting a chilly Rosé !
My neighbor's plate!
Dory's stuffed  rolls & vegetables

Tartare of shrimps and fruits , a nestful of flavors

Restaurant Le Palangre
56,Quai Général de Gaulle
30240 Le Grau du Roi
Phone 0033 (0)4 66 51 76 30


  1. oh la la.. tout ca a l'air tout simplement "divine"!

    1. Hi Chantal , en effet c'est un très bon restaurant !xxx

  2. Merci!!!!!Une adresse à retenir!!:-)

  3. bounjour Sandra , oui : c'est un bon adresse . Tout était delicieux .

  4. que c'est agréable de ci jolies commentaires.Merci de votre visite dans notre cuisine.Le chef et son équipe du PALANGRE


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