21 June 2012

Pie Party 2012 : Rhubarb & Cherries Pie

Yesterday I was surfing on internet and I went to see Eat the Love ,a blog that I love . Irvin is so much fun and a talented baker. Today ( in USA , in Europe we are in the next one ) is Pie Day , an event on the net : everyone is invited to bake a cake and share it on the web . I made this

A very simple Rhubarb & Cherries ( yes I know , a little bit addicted like here ) . I made a classic crust but I substituted a small amount of wheat flour with some quinoa flour , I like its hearthy taste and it has given an unespected crunchy-smoothness to the crust .

Rhubarb & Cherries Pie

For the crust :
200 gr of all-purpose wheat flour
50 gr of quinoa flour
125 gr of butter
a pinch of salt
60 gr of icing sugar
1 egg
a pinch of vanilla seeds
half an eggshell of water

Sift the flours in a bowl , add the butter cut in small pieces and flatten with your fingertips till it comes like sand ( work quickly or the butter will ' burn' ) then add the sugar , the salt and the vanilla ,mix with a fork .Make a hole at the center , break the egg in , add a small quantity of water like half a eggshell and toss with the fork until it comes to a dough . If it's too dry sprinkle with some water , then make a ball , wrap it in a film and let cool in the fridge one hour or overnight .

The filling
400 gr of rhubarb
400 gr of cherries
50 gr of brown sugar
half a csp of pepper ( I choose Voatsiperifery , a wild pepper from Madagascar for its very peculiar smell, if you can't find you can try Long pepper  )
6/7 biscuits

 Wash the rhubarb and cut it into slices , wash the cherries and take off the stems and the kernel ,mix the rhubarb , the cherries and the sugar , put in a saucepan and cook till the rhubarb comes soft.
Mash the biscuits.
Preheat the oven at 350 F or 180°.
Divide the dough in two pieces ,one must be the double of the other like 2/3. Roll the bigger one on a dusty surface , line it in a tart pan of 24 cm , sprinkle the bottom with the mashed biscuits ( it avoids the dough getting  moisty) fill with the rhubarb-cherries mixture , spread the freshly grounded pepper all over , then roll the smaller piece of dough and cover the pie with it .Seal well the borders and let cook about 35 minutes , or till golden .Let cool before serving


  1. Stupende foto, per una torta golosissima.
    Una domanda, la farina di quinoa, la rende più croccante o cosa?

    1. Cara Stefania non saprei descrivere ....la pasta viene morbida e croccantina al tempo stesso ,deliziosa !Ma di quinoa ce né una piccola parte ,non si puo fare solo con quella . Comunque é gluten-free e ha un gusto originale e interessante . Baci !!

  2. premetto che leggere in inglese, per me e a quest'ora di mattina, è stata una fatica: i miei 2 neuroni un po' ti hanno apostrofato.... ma è pur sempre un bel leggere! Tu non cucini: componi opere d'arte. Non smettere, mi raccomando! Buona giornatissima!! Sandra

    1. Buona giornatissima anche a te cara ! e grazie anche ai neuroni :)

  3. buona, bella, sana... comincio a capire quando dici che con te non si ingrassa!
    ti ammiro, devo imparare!

    1. Cara Giulia ,penso che avremo molto da condividere ! Anch'io ti ammiro .Baci!

  4. Davvero Giuseppina oggi e domani si celebra la Pie's day? Perché la coincidenza è che domani posterò proprio una classica apple pie....se è così sono molto felice. La tua mi fa impazzire, crosta leggera e innovativa...e poi quelle decorazioni così simpatiche! Io ti adoro, lo sai no?
    Un bacione, Pat

  5. I love cherry pie and I bet the mix with rhubarb is fabulous. Love the dash of pepper too; I must try that. This is such a pretty pie! Happy Pie Day!

  6. fantastica, io ho provato rabarbaro e fragole e con le ciliegie dev'essere deliziosa!!!
    ciao :-)

  7. ciao, che bel blog! mi sono unita ai tuoi lettori, sostienimi e passa a trovarmi se ti va:


  8. This pie looks gorgeous, I would love a slice of it right now! I really love your pictures, the light is wonderful! Take care x

    1. Hi , thank you Regula . I really love yours pictures too ,they are amazing ! The light is that of Provence , magical .....XXX


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