18 January 2012

Broderick's family in Provence & the tian

I live in a charming village in the very heart of Provence , a beatiful place called Parc Naturel regional du Luberon , a valley betwteen the " Mont Ventoux " and the Luberon mountain. If you read Peter Mayle's novels or you have seen the movie " A good year" with Russel Crowe well.... is there where I live !
  1. I work as a personal chef mostly for people coming here on holidays and last summer I 've been cooking for some families coming from all over the world , in some case these were " reunions"  just to stay together  one or  two weeks , for me it was important to do my best for them so that they can have good memories ' at least...about food ) Everyone dreams to come to Provence and taste his sunny , Mediterranean cooking under a " pergola" with an earth breaking view ....so : I feel responsible for their dreams come true . Broderick Family is one of these , mostly very young , very nice and real "gourmets" , happy people with"good energy" . I asked them the right to post some photos of the last night I cooked for them and the recipes also , bien sûre ....

The menu of the dinner was " deep fried  zucchini flowers ( no photos , I hadn't time ....they where eaten in an instant )  a "Marinated roasted beef " with a tian provençal as side dish  and a gorgeous pavlova .with red summer fruits

The Tian  of  Provence  and  the marinated  beef  

Recipe for 8 people
The tian
Ingredients : 4 eggplants , 4 round zucchini, 4 tomatoes , 4 onions , 4
 tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
 1 csp of fleur de sel , black pepper freshly grounded ,  thyme , a clove of  garlic

Me ....at the market ( the one on the left)

Vegetables at Petit Palais  Market

Wash the vegetables , peel the onions (choose vegetables with the same caliber  , it will be
 easier to fill the pan ) then cut all vegetables  into very thin slices . The best way to cook tian
is in a earthenware baking  pan  about 8 cm sizes height . Range the slices  in rows , you can
begin with eggplants , then zucchini , tomatoes and onions  at last , as you can  see in the
photo . This is a work of patience , the purpose is to have very thick rows of vegetables ,
don’t be afraid to compress them as they will restrain while cooking . When all slices put
together  spread onto them the oil , the salt , the thyme , put the clove of garlic into the
middle  , let cook in the oven at 180°  /350 f   for about 1 hour  or till well baked ( it depends
on your oven )  While tian is cooking  have a look on it , if it is drying  sprinkle it with the
sauce  that’s at the bottom of the pan  , taste also for salt  , you may need some more . When
 it’s ready spread the pepper on it and some more olive oil . Wait  at least 15 minutes before serving . It’s an amazing
 side for lamb or beef  , though quite delicious as  main course  with a  green salad  on hot
summer’s days .
Broderick Family ... so lovely people !
The marinated beef
Ingredients  : 1 ½ kg of beef to roast  , salt , extra-virgin olive oil , fresh herbs 
like Basil , parsley , coriander , estragon etc … freshly ground black pepper
Even if the quantity of meat could seems  big  don’t be afraid  : this is a way to prepare  a
roasted beef you can enjoy even  the days after  ( on summer days it’s great to have
something fresh into the Frigidaire  for an easy dinner )

Preheat the oven at 200° , seal the meat in a large saucepan , each sides  ; spread some salt
on it ( just  one pinch )  , put  in  a baking pan and let cook in the oven for  30 mn for rare ,
45 mn   if  you want it well done . Switch off  the oven and let the roast  to rest  inside  for  15
mn  . Then  , take it off  , let cool  till you can  cover it with a film and  store in the
refrigerator  at least 2 hours  , it will be much easier to cut it into slices  . So …now that your
roasted beef is  very cold , cut it into slices that you’ll  range in a  serving platter  . Sprinkle
every  layer  with  herbs  (choose the ones  you prefer )  a little bit of salt , if needed , some
oil and pepper .  Cover with a film and let marinate for  at least 2 hours  , but you can keep
  the roast 2/3 days  .  Enjoy it !


  1. Ciao cara. Grazie mille per essere passata da me. Il tuo blog è fantastico e tu non sai quanto ti invidio per essere diventata chef! In Provenza poi! Io vivo a Dolo e spesso sono a Mirano in giro. Quando torni da queste parti, fammi un fischio che ci conosciamo di persona, così mi racconti come hai fatto a trasformare la tua passione in professione.

    Spery di "babà che bontà"

  2. Ciao Spery , grazie per i complimenti :) in effetti saro a Mirano alla fine del mese , per una settimana circa , che sarà piena di impegni ma un momento per prenderci uno spritz in Piazza lo posso trovare . Intaanto puoi guardare sul mio sito www.giuseppinamabilia.com :nella rubrica "revue de presse " scoprirai un po della mia storia . P;S. adoro il babà ! e a Napoli una signora mi ha donato la sua ricetta fantastica !

  3. ma com'è che accidenti non c'è la traduzione italiana? e ddddai, che lo voglio leggere questo blog....

    1. Ciao Lara ! é che....in effetti dovrei scriverlo in tre lingue ma siccome son anni che non scrivo :( mi prende un sacco di tempo e per cominciare ho scelto l'inglese perchéé la lingua più usata .Le traduzioni verranno , ma Pavlova e la vellutata di zucca ci sono già ! Grazie per essere passata a trovarmi , verro a farti visita !

  4. I already posted in "mon livre d'or", but just wanted to re-iterate how happy we were with Guiseppina. The nights she cooked were a very special to us and the food was incredible. I'm too intimidated to make the squash blossoms which were a huge hit, but I've been making Pavlovas since we returned! She was great to work with, very flexible and incredibly creative.

    1. Thank you Leeb , I was very deligheted also to cook for suc a lovely family !


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