19 December 2011

An olive tree in the middle of the village

Today I want to guide you into the very heart of a small village in Provence : Goult where I live  since last year , when I rented a house at the top of the village , near the mill . In  september I relocate  in the centre of the village and in front of my home there's an olive tree which was bought and planted by the people living around the little square.
So in November or December ( even if I'd agree for a later period ) all the ' owners' get togheter to pick up olives . Even the cat.....

This year our tree ( yeesssss....)  was very charged and we got about 50 kg of olives , that means that I'll have my bottle of oil . Because I helped .

I spent an amazing time with my new friends . Living in a village is quite different : people know each other ,and even if it's not so easy for new comers to be accepted at first , then with time we can be part of the community . Naturally you have to give something ....I began with ..offering biscuits for the Christmas party at " La salle de fêtes"  : great success !

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