19 November 2011

The smoking of macquerels part 2

Cleaning the fish

Here's the decoration of the shop
Simple and delicious

The decoration....so kitch to be amazing !
The restaurant , the stairway and the collection of  crystals next to the door

After buying the macquerels we were hungry , so decided to go to the restaurant  ' La fin du siecle' , one of our favorites for lunch : simple , easy food and good ambiance. The restaurant is at the first floor of a beautiful  palace ,the first time I opened the door I had the feeling to enter into a private home and another century at the same time : a large dining-room with wide windows , and decorated with personal objects mostly very kitch but I don't know why , they match togheter ! 

Finally ........


  1. un procedimento molto interessante. Mi piacerebbe molto visitare quel locale alla prossima gita in costa azzurra

  2. Se ti riferisci a dove si affumicano i pesci....a casa mia ! Ma invece di andare in costa azzurra devi venire nel Luberon ( che é bellissimo )


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