24 November 2011

The best chocolate cake I know

I love chocolate but I always found chocolate desserts heavy , so I worked on how to make them lighter. Chocolate Mud Cake is one of these : I found the recipe on a cookbook and my son ( and my neighbours's daughters ) asked me to bake it so....I made it my way , just needed to change few things and it is gorgeus !
With the amount of ingredients you'll have a cake for 12 and even more but it's even better 2 days after so...I don't think there'll be leftovers .
Ingredients :
250 gr of good quality butter ( or 200 gr of claryfied butter )
250 gr of dark chocolate 70% roughly chopped 
180 ml of water ( or 200 ml if using claryfied butter )
300 gr of white flour 
70 gr of cocoa powder ( the best quality you can have the better )
1 coffee spoon of sodium bicarbonate
200 gr of caster sugar
4 eggs medium 
2 tablespoons of oil ( neutral , not olive ,  nut's oil would be great )
120 ml of sour milk ( or skimmed if you don't have )
a peanch of salt 
1/2 a coffee spoon of ground ginger

For the icing:
250 gr of dark chocolate 70% roughly chopped
200 ml of double cream
Peanch of salt
Peanch of ground ginger

The batter
Preheat the oven to 160°.Butter the base and sides of a 24 cm springform cake tin , then cover the bottom and the edges with a baking sheet , let it be higher at least 5 cm than the tin sides ( cake will grow very high )
Mix in a pot the water, the butter and the chocolate , stir gently at a low fire till you 'll have a smooth cream , let it cool .
In a big bowl sift the flour , the cocoa powder , the bicarbonate and the salt then add the sugar and the ground ginger .Now add the eggs , lightly wisked with the oil and the milk , turn with a spoon till all's mixed , then add the chocolate cream already cooled . Spread the mixture into the springform tin and bake at 160° for about  1 hour and 20 minutes ( it must be a little moisty inside )  Let it cool completely before unmoulding  on to a wire rack .

The Icing 
Pour the cream with the chopped chocolate , a tiny peanch of salt ( fleur de sel possibly) and the ginger into a pot on a low fire , stir gently to get a smooth , velvety cream , let it cool till tepid , then spread it on the cake to cover it completely as you see in the photo . You can serve immediately or let it cool in a fresh place ( not the frigidaire ) and serve it with some whipped cream spiced with cinnamom .


  1. Looks great I try it as soon as I can,(good for getting calories when it gets cold) ;)

  2. Hello Valerie , comment va tu ? Oui , c'est un peu calorique mais très bon , et si tu utilise le beurre clarifié tu aura un gâteau plus léger .

  3. Yummy! Can't wait to try it! Looks delicious. Magari aspetto che faccia più freddo ;)

  4. Magari....vedrai , é proprio deliziosa , con una consistenza tutta sua !


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